Car Chargers

Car Chargers. You want a safe car charger that will charge your cell phone super fast? We have them right here! Our car chargers are the best and blow those other cheaply made chargers out of the water! Our chargers Support PD3.0, PD2.0, PPS and QC4+ etc quick charge protocol. Ultra slim design allows you to close any power outlet easily. In addition, made from quality aluminum alloy metal, this isn’t your cheap plastic charger! Our chargers are tested and built to last! Looking for a mount? Wireless car charging mounts are the bomb! Just drop your phone and let the powerful magnets lock it in place and then the wireless automatic charging take over to charge your phone fast and safety!

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  • Baseus Golden Contactor Pro Dual Quick Charger Car Charger U C 40W

  • Baseus Tiny Star Mini 30W QC USB Car Charger

  • Baseus Squar Metal 30W Dual USB QC Car Charger

  • Baseus Smart Wireless Charging Suction Cup Mount

  • Baseus PPS Dual USB-A/Type-C 30W Car Charger

  • Baseus Enjoy Together Multi USB Hub Car Charger

  • Baseus Bluetooth FM Transmitter/Charger/MP3

  • Baseus 2in1 USB Port/USB-C & iP Car Charger

  • Baseus PPS Car Charger FM Music Transmitter

  • Baseus Small Screw Dual-USB Car Charger

  • Baseus Rock-solid Wireless Charger Auto Car Mount

  • Baseus Mini Fast PPS Car Charger USB/USB-C

  • Baseus Light 15W Wireless Charger Car Mount

  • Baseus Mini Dual USB Car Charger PD 3.0 & QC 3.0 – 30W

  • Baseus Metal Wireless Charging Vent Mount

  • Baseus Big Ears Wireless Charging Magnetic Car Mount