Cell Phone & Tablet USB Wall Chargers

Cell Phone & Tablet USB Wall Chargers Galore! Plug into your walls outlet for charging power while traveling or at home. From 3 Watts to 60 Watts we have the power you want to charge your cellphone quickly and safely! Lighting fast Cell Phone & Tablet USB Wall Chargers in tons of different styles and colors. We even have a 45 Watt charger that acts as a power bank so you can have backup power in case the electric goes out or you’re traveling! Never go without the emergency power you need! Most of our wall chargers come with Dual USB ports and some even have the super fast USB-C port. Check them out below!

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  • Baseus Power Station 2in1 USB-C 45W Charger & 10000mAh Power Bank

  • Baseus Curve Dual USB Travel Charger 2.4A

  • Baseus Speed 30W QC Dual USB Wall Charger

  • Baseus Speed 30W PPS USB/Type-C Wall Charger

  • Baseus MirrorLake Digital Display PPS 18W Charger