Multi-interface USB Charging Cables

Multi interface USB Charging Cables. Do you own an iPhone, Samsung, Micro, lightning, Type-C Tablet or cell phone? All of the above? In that case you need a cable can can charge all device! We’ve got you covered with our Multi-interface Cell Phone USB Cables that can charge many devices all at once! Don’t buy 4 different cables when all you need is one! We have many options and styles that fit whatever devices you have! Some have 2 connection types in 1 and some have 4 in 1. Lighting and Micro. Type-C and Lightning. Micro, Type-C and Lightning! Some many variations so little time. But don’t worry our Multi interface USB Charging Cables will save you time! Less time hunting for the right cable and less time charging your cell phone!

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  • Baseus Yiven 2-1 Cable Micro / Type C 1M

  • Baseus U-Shaped Travel USB Cable Type C & Micro

  • Baseus 2in1 Portable Micro/Lightning Cable 4ft

  • Baseus 2-in-1 Lighting Cable + USB or Type-C 18W

  • Baseus Twins USB-C to USB-C w/ Lightning Adapter

  • Baseus Rapid 2-in-1 USB to Lightning + Micro Cable

  • Baseus Yiven 2in1 Lightning & Micro Charging Cable

  • Baseus 4-1 Apple Watch & Phone Charger Cable

  • Baseus USB Cable with a Magnetic Holder 3-in-1 3ft

  • Baseus Rapid 3in1 USB To Lightning/USB-C/Micro Data Cable 3ft