Type-C USB Cables

Type-C USB Cables. We’ve got the best Type-C USB Cables right here! You need a 60W fast charging cable? It’s here. You need a Type-C to Lightning cable? It’s here. How about the newest Type-C to Type-C cable? Well that’s here as well! In fact we have just about every possible USB-C cable you can think off! All premium quality and all with a thickened copper core to help ensure quick transmission speeds!

PD charging is fast becoming the new norm for wired charging. Capable of delivering super fast charging through compatible Type-C charging ports.

So why PD versus a standard USB cable?

The more powerful smartphones are becoming, the more power is required to run them. The more power required to run them means they need bigger and smarter batteries. When we are using our phones constantly, for music, photos, social media, web browsing this ultimately drains the battery. Gone are the days where we can simply place our phones on charge at night. Now we need to sometimes top them up during the day too. This is why PD charging is so useful – as it can deliver a super quick charging boost in a very short time.

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