Baseus AirNora Encok True Wireless Earphones W2 White


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We would be remiss if we didn’t start off this description with anything other than, how beautiful the AirNora earphones are! Featuring reflective metal trim on your choice of white or pink construction, the AirNora’s are really an elegant looking set of earphones. They are specially designed and constructed for smaller ear canals, so if earbuds tend to not stay in for you, you may want to give the beauties a try. And you won’t be disappointed in their performance either – they feature 5.0 bluetooth connection, touch control, wireless charging case, and even a built-in GPS locator function. Hook it up with the Baseus app on your phone and feel confident that you will always be able to track your Nora’s down in case you misplace or leave them behind. Sound quality is excellent and comparable with others costing twice as much.

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