Baseus Encok S17 Wireless Earphones with Over Ear Hook

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Never worry about your earbuds falling out! You can run fast like the wind while listening to your motivating workout tunes.

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Wireless Earphones with over the ear silicone hooks.

The soft and flexible silicone hooks really make these earphones perfect for athletic activities. Never worry about your earbuds falling out! You can run fast like the wind while listening to your motivating workout tunes.

The buds themselves can fit snuggly in your ear canal and perform effective noise isolation, while delivering the rich sound quality you want and expect. And the hooks keep them from falling out or off your head. You’ll receive pointed and rich sound in your ear canal but should still be able to sense and hear loud noises around you. This is a good thing running or biking on streets so you can stay aware of obstacles, traffic and pedestrians.

The left and right ear pieces are connected by cord with microphone so you can use these earphones while having a conversation, on a conference call, or even playing a video game.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology with up to 10m (32 feet) of connecting distance
  • Sweatproof and washable featuring IPX5 waterproof rating
  • Includes a charging cable



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1 review for Baseus Encok S17 Wireless Earphones with Over Ear Hook

  1. Muhammad F.

    I bought 3 days back.. for an hours.. I found its sound superb…. and I kept using it for a few more minutes.. (total time to reach back to home from market)…. but when I removed then I realized … its rubber inside ears were soft but my ears were feeling some strains kind of pain. May be my ear holes are small or these earbuds are too big.

    Secondly.. on the next day.. when I was not able to connect these to my macbook because this connects only one devices at once .. and it was already connected with my iPhone. I am using wired Apple headphones with my macbook… when I used those then I realize Bases S17’s sound was too sharp…like it was more towards treble while my Apple Headphone sound was soft and nice to hear.

    First I thought it was may be with macbook’s audio play not with iphone… then I checked my own audio (as iMessage audio message), I was like a child in audio message . This sound was fine on phone without any headphones like using only speaker but not on headphone Baseus S17.

    I don’t think this is very great to have headphone for normal use. but if you are pro – bud based headphone/handsfree/earbud user then you might feel fine and audio if pushed fully inside your ears. otherwise I’m not very happy with its quality… really painful for me.

    • Audrey (store manager)

      Hi Muhammad – thank you for your thoughtful comments and experience with the Baseus S17 over-ear in-ear earphones. Let me just say first that in-ear earbuds are not for everyone. A lot of people simply do not like the feeling of something jammed in their ears. I personally own the W04’s and I don’t mind it, but I did notice recently that after having a sinus infection my ears were very tender and using the ear pieces was very uncomfortable. Fortunately it’s temporary for me. Regarding the sound I should point out to everyone reading this that in ear (buds) will never sound as rich and full as earphones (headphones). They are simply two distinct designs that each have their advantages and disadvantages. When comparing sound you will likely feel that the S17’s are more “tinny” than head or earphones. But if you are able to insert them firmly in your ear and that is comfortable for you then you will experience a richer bigger sound. Regarding the inability for them to connect to 2 devices simultaneously, you are right, these do not have multipoint connectivity. I have traditionally only seem multipoint on very high-end devices, but I agree it is a nice feature to have if you use multiple devices at the same time. I would have advised you to return these earphones and take advantage of our 30 day no questions asked guarantee with purchases from this website, but I don’t see that you ordered them from us here. Either way I am happy to have your review. It helps others to decide is this product is the right fit for them.

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