Baseus Mulight QC/PD 30000mAh Power Bank

3000mAh Of Power Will Give You Portable On-The-Go Charges for Days! Power Just About Anything From Phones to Laptops!

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Powerful Quick Charging, Portable Backup Power When You Need It!

If you’re looking for power, portability and functionality, then the Mulight 45W edition is the Power Bank for you! With its huge 30000 mAh capacity and 33W of power, this behemoth is all you will ever need for multi-device charging.
Furthermore, it has a ton of ports to choose from, (4) USB, (1) Type-C, (1) lightning, and (1) Micro.
Perfect if you are looking to charge a range of devices from smartphones to notebooks. Whatever your requirements, this is the ultimate choice.
Despite a 30000 mAh large capacity, the Mulight is still a lightweight and portable option, allowing you to carry power for your devices wherever you go.
Using a compatible PD cable, you can utilize the full 45W of power to supply a quick charge to notebooks.
The Mulight also boasts three inputs and three outputs. Depending on your device, it gives you support for 5A Huawei SuperCharge, PD 3.0 and QC 3.0. This makes it perfect for most modern smartphones that are Quick Charge compatible.


As will all our power banks the Mulight benefits from an intelligent shunt which allows it to intelligently match current and voltage to your device. There are a range of built in safety features to prevent over-charge, over current and over-voltage.
The power bank is fully CE and ROhS certified and airline approved.

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