Baseus U-Shaped Gaming Charging Cable for iP


The perfect charging cable for mobile gamers and movie/video watchers!  A must have for any iPhone user! Get one before they’re gone!

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The U-shaped Lightning Charging Cable for iPhone is the perfect accessory for mobile gamers!  A cable that won’t impede hand movements during game play!

As part of our never-ending mission to create and develop innovative and simple consumer electronic accessories, we have a dedicated Research and Development team that works hard to identify trivial inconveniences. The U-Shaped cable is a perfect example of how we design products in order to offer a solution to even the smallest problems.

We discovered, during extended periods of mobile gaming, you may need to charge your phone. Using a standard cable makings continued play uncomfortable and tiresome. However our U-shaped game cable tucks nicely around the back of the phone and out of your way! In addition, constructed from hardened reinforced SR the cable resists damage and breakage at the connectors.


  • Arc smoothed finish on the connector head exudes quality and style
  • 2.4A
  • 3 ft
  • High density durable nylon woven wire that is wear and stretch resistant
  • High quality tin plated copper conductor core ensures stability and charging continuity
  • Velcro storage strap included
  • Charging and data transfer (480Mbps) simultaneously
  • Green light charging status indicator

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