Baseus Encock D02 Bluetooth Folding Wireless Earphones


The D02 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Are Literally Music To Your Ears! Engineered for Sound Quality and Performance!



The Encok D02 Are The Best Wireless Headphones at An Affordable Price. 

They feature a highly compact, foldable design, which is totally adjustable. A super long-lasting battery life allows for 25 hours of listening. Affordable price and quality design make these some of the best wireless headphones on the market!

Foldable design and large capacity 450 mAh battery. These amazing wireless headphones provide up to a month standby time and approximately 350 songs worth of listening time!

The added bass and sound vibration feature and customized double composite membrane design, ensures you can happily immerse yourself in your music!

The D02’s are ultra compact with an elegant design that makes them easy to carry when not in use.  But wear them for extensive periods of time and remain comfortable and enjoyable to wear!

A built in AUX port also adds a wired option should you prefer to connect with a 35MM plug.  The 360 degree microphone features high quality phone calls which clearly picks up your voice with maximum clarity.


  • Advanced active noise reduction technology reduces cab noise, city traffic or busy offices, allowing you to focus on what you want to listen to and enjoy your music, movies and videos. Depth, precise bass response.
  • D02’s active noise cancelling headphones give you clear, powerful and silent sound to help you enjoy your music better..
  • It provides a high quality built-in microphone for hands-free calls. As a result, you feel more comfortable when you use it because you can adjust it. The structure is simple and can make it last for long-term use. More durability and comfort, enjoy high quality, long listening comfort.
  • Skin texture, light and comfortable ear adjustment, can be used all day long. These external earphone kits are fabulous for travel professionals, daily travelers, music lovers, students and more. They are compatible with almost all smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops equipped with Bluetooth technology.

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